I have to be honest, installing the Runva winch on Charlie was the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

Until the next day.

The next day I used the Runva Winch. Then that became the most fun I’ve had in a very long time.

Installing the Runva winch was a mix of old school engineering. Cutting and welding on big, chunky black steel on a vehicle that this can be done on easily.

Easily meaning work like this┬áto my old Land Rover just “fits”. It’s the bolt on, add on, “just stick it their” approach that is , inherently, the style of old.

Charlie doesn’t have large plastic bumpers, or plastic trim covers, also known as “garnish” strips designed to cover bits that shouldn’t be seen.

This I like. Steam Punk in a car.

The install was a pleasure. The Runva Winch was easy to work with. It’s not too heavy, especially when supplied, as mine is, with the synthetic rope rather than steel cable.

The Winch feels well built. Yeah, this could be just that, a feeling, but it’s more than that. The clutch handle (engaugement lever) is a nice positive feel. The machining on the winch is smooth, its finished well.

The kit is comprehensive. Obviously all the bits to install are there, but it has way more in the box. A snatch block for added versatility, a heavy duty disconnect switch with removable key, wired & wireless remote and a large heavy duty ‘D’ shackle.

This is a kit to be reckoned with.

Why did I choose this product ? Well, you could be fooled into thinking I approached every supplier on the ‘net and went with the one that offered the best back-hander. You know, the typical ‘I sold out’ deal.

Lets be realistic, much of todays reviews are that, big cheezy grins and the reviewer never having any intention of using the product.

That’s not how it works. I’m going out-back and, as I say in the video, my life will depend on this winch. I’ve had a $299 jobbie on my car trailer. It was rubbish. It rusted, The solonoid box filled up with rain water, the clutch handle siezed. This was a winch that was used often, it wasn’t sitting unused for long periods.

I contacted Runva. Only them. I read about their products. This is what I wanted. That’s it.

This post included two videos. The Install, and then the testing. Understand that much more is to be done with the winch, but the test was the very first test and is exactly that, it is not testing the winch to the absolute extreme on the first ever time it’s unwound.

I’ve done dumb things, but that’s would even be beyond my level.

So, check out the intall

Not to leave things half done, The test.