Naked Biker Our Classic '81 Honda XL250s

Our Classic ’81 Honda XL250s

Classic Honda

Honda XL250s. This is a bit exciting. I wanted to add a new dimension to Naked Off Road, and this is it.

A classic bike. It may not strike everybody as being classic , not straight off anyway. Even to me it looks like, well, just a trail bike right ?

Turns out that’s wrong. However, let me start from the beginning. This isn’t a Quentin Tarantino movie so I can’t start off in the middle and work backwards.

I had been attracted to the small ‘step through’ style motorbike known over here in Australia as a “Postie bike” as, you can imagine, they are used extensively by the postal service as mail delivery bikes.

These are small bikes known as the Honda CT110. Very robust machines and actually the most popular bike on the planet. The sort of ‘bike you see in many heavily populated Asian countries all fighting for space.

But, after careful consideration I decided against this model. Several reasons. They only seat one person legally and  they are a little small for loaded travel. But, the big factor was they are a bit too new.

Most of the Postie bikes /Honda CT110’s available are post year 2005, and that doesn’t cut it with Naked Off Road.

So a search on all sales sites/online auctions came up with a few options, but without a doubt was the bike we now have. A one owner, very tidy 1981 Honda XL250s.

This bike is rare, not in production numbers, but in condition. Its 36 years old, for a trail bike this is 100 years in human terms.

Most have been bashed crashed and ridden by everyone in the family, extended family, and all their mates. Then left outside under a tree their whole lives.

Not our one.

Other than a few small dents in the fuel tank from a slow speed drop, the owner Peter described this bike as excellent. It even had its factory log books.

So, on with the show. Follow how we travel and how we convert this classic bike. Will a basic old bike, with a small engine stop us exploring ?

Lets see.