Naked Van Life

Naked Vanlife is practically the polar opposite. I mean, in our world. It’s a small van. Not a huge motorhome with facilities and specifications that would rival an apartment block.
But that’s us, our ethos is “naked” or basic (but naked sounds way cooler right). However, compared to the extremely basic living facilities of the old red Honda motorbike the van is practically 5 star.
This van we call Casper is a cheap little thing we put together ourselves. Starting right back rebuilding the  engine and ending all the way to the solar panels powering the fridge. We want to share this van. It’s not for us. Well, not for us to explore with anyway.
Casper is our “roving reporter”, so to speak. Providing a Vanlife experience for people without a van to, well… “life” in. I think I’m becoming a little too cryptic. Casper is free to use, but like with many things, we mean no charge. You return the favor of using the van by sharing your travel experiences.
You provide video footage, blog posts and the super cool, well hidden and most scenic camp spots Australia has to offer !

Living in a tiny home

Naked Living-We live in a 10m2 tiny home-Can we save thousands ??

So, this took some doing. No, not actually testing out Naked living in the tiny home. That’s easy. The difficult part is …
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Ilnam Winery-So good, we should keep it our secret

Their is a legend told. A story of a winery perched high on a hill. A hill above a lush valley, …
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Gold Coast-Byron Bay Road Trip

Gold Coast-Byron Bay Road Trip, we find the best little cafe ever !

It was time for a Gold Coast-Byron Bay Road trip. We had been North on our last few trips so it …
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Miami Marketta-A perfect night out

On a warm summer’s evening.. as Kenny Rogers sings it beautifully, I visited the Miami Marketta with my children, Yasmin and Jackson, located, …
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Marcus, God of morning coffee

Marcus makes my morning special, that probably came out wrong. Sorry Marcus, however he manages to make a coffee like …
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Zullaz- Burleigh Heads Qld

Zullaz Bar and Eating Place. Saturday night was coming up fast, I had promised Sarah a nice dinner but time …
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Beautiful Burleigh

Put simply. I love Burleigh, or Burleigh Heads to be exact. The quaint feel of this seaside location is so …
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Meet Milly

Milly is a beautiful little classic caravan. Named Milly from the manufacturer’s name ‘Millard’. I bought this little beauty for …
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