Naked Off Road

Naked Off Road is based around our two Land Rover four wheel drive vehicles. One is a classic 1976 series 3.  Many know it as a Land Rover Defender, it isn’t. If I was describing this old thing in a few  written words I would say the classic African yellow Land Rover, at home on the desert sands.
Known as Charlie, it’s truly a naked 4wd compared to today’s off road vehicles. Air Conditioning ? Not likely in a vehicle where the roof was an optional extra offered by the dealer.
Our second Naked Off Road vehicle almost wasn’t going to be here and written about. Our 1998 Land Rover Discovery diesel. How is this a “naked” off road vehicle you ask ?. I agree, well, I did agree. The Discovery is known as the  “Disco”  by us super cool Land Rover people ( I know, you wish right ).
The Disco has done amazing work for us. Travelling, towing, carrying, more towing, off roading, towing.. I’m sure you can see the common thread here. It’s a working machine. But not just that, it sits their parked. Unobtrusive, out of the way. It is so economical the fuel price can change three times between fills. Its very comfortable. It complains so little I almost forgot about it.
However, it’s also 20 years old , has travelled over 380,000km and the most shocking part is the we paid $1500 for it 5 years ago. What makes up a “naked” vehicle ?, I’m thinking the Disco has a good shot at the title.

Runva winch off road

Runva winch- Best install-Ultimate test ! (video post)

I have to be honest, installing the Runva winch on Charlie was the most fun I’ve had in a long …
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Rocky Mountain Parabolic spring

VIDEO-Rocky Mountain Parabolic Springs-Terrible service-Many regrets !!

I’m not happy. Nope, not in the slightest. I purchased Very expensive Land Rover Parabolic springs from the Rocky Mountain company …
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Ilnam Winery-So good, we should keep it our secret

Their is a legend told. A story of a winery perched high on a hill. A hill above a lush valley, …
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Emergency Glass Break tool allows escape from crashed car

On a nice Sunday morning we visit a classic car show. A show with, well, like minded people. I’m tentative …
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Land Rover series removable crossmember modification

Land Rover Series Removable Crossmember Modification

The Land Rover Series Removable Crossmember Modification is quite a simple alteration. However, the benefits are huge, and positive. In …
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Gold Coast-Byron Bay Road Trip

Gold Coast-Byron Bay Road Trip, we find the best little cafe ever !

It was time for a Gold Coast-Byron Bay Road trip. We had been North on our last few trips so it …
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Cyclone Debbie brings havoc to the Gold Coast

Cylone Debbie brings havoc to the Gold Coast. That’s for damn sure. I’m aware that venturing out in such weather …
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Land Rover Series 3 Steering Box replacement

This issue became clearer, Charlie was a wanderer. Plain and simple. I found it increasingly more difficult to keep Charlie …
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Charlie tows 3.5 ton load 4000km in 6 days, VIDEO !!

So, their are those days when a good idea is sporned by silly thoughts. This can be a problem in …
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He’s not heavy, he’s my brother..

Charlie has pretty big shoulders. Charlie also has a fair bit of history behind him and his relatives have achieved …
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Charlie’s in deep ! (ok, not life threatening)

Charlie hasn’t been a swimmer, and at the age of 40, it was time to try. Now, these things have …
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Leaving my mark, as only a Land Rover can

I’m often told that if a Land Rover doesn’t leak oil it doesn’t have any in it. I would have …
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Hybrid Land Rover Series 3 ?? Surely it’s electrickery

Seriously ??, Na, it’s stretching the truth to be honest. I kinda like the idea of  calling Charlie Hybrid, but …
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Jealous much? Good times with old timers

1985 LAND ROVER COUNTY V8 I’ve been pretty lucky over the years to own and drive a few classic Land …
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Marketing & Promotion-Sorry Mum I skipped that class

Ok, well I skipped a few classes it would seem, but I did manage to spell Naked Off Road correctly …
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30min tool box, eat your heart out Ikea

Project: Charlie has a toolbox, but it requires access inside the cargo area. Space is an absolute premium so if I’m …
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“Breaker breaker good buddy , you comin’ in loud and clear over “”Yeah Burt, I know you are the king …
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Beautiful Burleigh

Put simply. I love Burleigh, or Burleigh Heads to be exact. The quaint feel of this seaside location is so …
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Border Ranges

The Border Ranges National Park. Its a wonderfully strange little place. Wonderful in its thick, deep, soft feel. Just a …
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OK, so it’s an attention grabber. I’m hardly going to suffer racism being a Kiwi on the Gold Coast, half …
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