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Naked Living-We live in a 10m2 tiny home-Can we save thousands ??

Living in a tiny home

So, this took some doing. No, not actually testing out Naked living in the tiny home. That’s easy.

The difficult part is wondering how this will all be received. The see-saw between “wow how cool ” and “dude, what a looser”.

It’s a funny thing, the fact that a home defines us. Almost as much as sexuality. You know, how some high-achieving sports person that has a brilliant back-story of escaping an oppressive communist regime while helping orphanes find better lives and donates all his wealth to starving children in a little known African provence. Yet he is still somehow best known as “the Gay basketballer” (fictonal character by the way).

A home can be just like that.

Live in a home that you owe 97% of its value to a bank, or a flash home you rent and you appear normal and successful. Live in a caravan and instantly you become “The Homeless people”. The stigma society can create.

Maybe I should alter the focus and become a basketballer..

living in a tiny home

We have owned homes, at one point we had three. Yep, bragging rights. How cool was that in conversation ? Thinking back, probably made me sound like a dick.

The reality is we often don’t own much of the home for a very long time. As humans we also seem to go through life a bit upside-down.

We start off with nothing, build up to a little, then buy the universal dream (universal in most first world societies) of a home. At the time of purchase many of us would look at fluffly our pet cat, wondering what we could get for it’s fur on the black market. This might just give us the final bit of the deposit on the home (fluffly didn’t sit on my knee often).

After the exuberance of moving into the dream home , which is often a nighmare-shack, we work late, don’t take holidays. Then, yay !, oh my goodness ! WE’RE PREGNANT !!

This making you think ” Holy crap, between working 15 hours a day , 6 days a week, how did that even happen ??”.

We do all our big spending at the time of our life when we have the least of it. We do all our working at the age when we have the greatest physical ability to enjoy life.

So, I want to challange this a bit. Yes, our circumstance have conspired to allow this experiment to happen. That is we have a small shed in a fabulous location, known as one of the best suburbs on the Gold Coast. We have a family situation that suited this experiment, and finally we are both people that like a bit of a challange. This won’t work for everyone. But it works for us.

Being Judged by society is a big factor for all of us. However, I’ve been through Global Financial crisis, business changes, even a bloody big freaken earthquake. Well, two of them to be precise. Now, I don’t care about societies judgement as much as I once did.

Welcome to, well, us. This is truly Naked Off Road. It’s Naked Living. We are committed to our cause, and our life.

This is a new segment on living cheaply. Why ?, because living day to day is boring. I want to see more and do more, being tied down is not how I see our future.

Travel is something I want to do, I want to do it often, I want to be relaxed and enjoy what we see and do. So this is all about what we need in life, and how simple life can be.

Our little home is our 1976 Millard Caravan. Its small, its basic, but we love it to bits. We want to share our experiences as we live.

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