Naked Biker

Naked biker is like a personal challenge, it can be tough, but It’s the ethos of ‘Naked Adventures’.
Riding a 40 year old , Red Honda trail bike as far and long as it will go. Pushing the small, basic 250cc single cylinder engine to it’s limits while loaded with the bare necessities to live for days, and even weeks. 
To many , it’s a sentence handed down by a high court judge. To me, well, just writing this gives me goose bumps. Being on the open road miles from anywhere, the little bike under me.
Feeling the rhythmic note of the basic power plant that’s so close to your body it’s both unnerving and reassuring at the same time, enough to forget the destination and just continue the journey.

Classic Honda

Our Classic ’81 Honda XL250s

Honda XL250s. This is a bit exciting. I wanted to add a new dimension to Naked Off Road, and this …
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