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Ilnam Winery-So good, we should keep it our secret

Their is a legend told. A story of a winery perched high on a hill.

A hill above a lush valley, with views of the salty ocean.

Wine is poured to those who make the trek by a man so well known, his reputation preceeds even the aroma of the finely prepared foods in his very own kitchen.

Yes, I could be a writer of ancient texts. Stories of travellers afar.. Sorry, here I go again.

Okay, back to 2017. We in fact did make the trek to Ilnam winery last weekend. A trip worthwhile in every respect. Firstly, the drive is picturesque. Land Rover Series 3

Even on a day where the sky is shaded, the trip is lovely,  suitable for an old Land Rover to chug along at a speed that allows audible conversation to be had. That’s a nice change.

The trip from southern Gold Coast, or the Tweed area if you prefer, is well sign posted and easy to follow.winery sign

Further along the route small signs appear on lamp-posts and fences with “only 2.5km to go”. Others may have felt lost, or nervous that they were missing their tasty delights and looked to the signs for reassurance.

Us, not so much. Travelling in an old car ensures we have a time to take in the sights at a sedate pace. It’s a benefit we embrace .

On arrival the first impressions are of a owner operated establishment. I’m liking this already. That warm feeling as if you are coming to a friends house. winery tasting room

Mark meets us with a warm smile. He tells us this is actually his day off, a rare occurance. We are actually very early, arriving just before noon. Mark tells us two of his fantastic team will be on hand shortly to tend to our needs as he will soon be off.

To be honest, this I like. Mark shared his day with two strangers, as if we weren’t. The whole place has that feel like Mark and his family had some part of themselves built into it. Maybe it was fitting the corrugated iron around the counter. Perhaps it was something else.

This is a family business.

Perched on a hill, the view is amazing. Hard to believe the bustle of fast-tourism is merely a short drive from where we stand. winery food

But then their’s the food. Lovely , lite and fresh . Just perfect. Topped off with wine from their own celler, and it’s just the best little hide-away winery in the area.

We highly recommend Ilnam Winery as a relaxed day out in amongst banana plants, greenery, wine, food, but also the feeling of visiting friends.

Take a trip out to see them, but click on any of the links on this page to confirm hours first.

Ilnam Winery

750 Carool Road ,Carool NSW




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