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Charlie tows 3.5 ton load 4000km in 6 days, VIDEO !!

So, their are those days when a good idea is sporned by silly thoughts. This can be a problem in modern society. Why ? The damn internet. In the past a good idea could appear in the backrooms of our minds, late at night. However, by morning we could easily have forgotten this fantastic plan, or the natural rays of the sun have the ability to show up flaws that midnight-moonlight can’t seem to do.

The internet removes these filters, specifically, internet auctions. Damn you eBay ! So at some unGodly hour of the night I bid on a Truck, an old truck. An old truck that runs ‘ok’, but not well enough to drive distance. That distance being almost 2000km from me. I bought a Dodge D5n Dually from Melbourne. This creating a bit of an issue since I’m in South East Queensland, two states away.

Why did I buy it. I’m not really sure to be honest, but I did. Lets just stick with the facts, ok. The analysis is alittle scary and I have few answers, but what I can say is that the Dodge is now the start of another project Jack and I will be doing on video, the “Rat Rod Dually”, Starting soon.

All that aside, their was one glaring problem. Yes, 2000km of tarseal between us and the Dodge. Charlie was nominated as a tow truck, I seconded the motion, and before we know it a plan was hatched, yes, by moonlight. In the harsh light of day the plan seemed, well, ludicrous.

Who would plan to even drive a 40 year old Land Rover Series vehicle almost 4000km by itself , let alone with a huge 1000kg trailer, then load the trailer with a 2 and a half ton Dodge Truck !!. But I’m glad I did. I’m proud, I’m impressed with all of it. Jack, Charlie, our inginuity, and our strength to do it.

Most of all I’m proud of Charlie. On paper its stupid. Under powered is the issue, mostly. But it did the job like a little tractor. That lovely little 2.25 litre , 4 cylinder engine can sit all day at full throttle and take care of business. Not getting hot, not missing a beat. I would trust my life with this vehicle, and that’s why Charlie has a name. Important things in life have names.


Watch the video, it was made soley by Jack and I, no ‘crew’, just us. The camera work is shared between Jack and I, The video was edited by Alex Bowden. He managed to take probably 8 hours of footage of two idiots and make it look great. Jack is as proud of the video as I am. Its a team effort, Jack, Charlie, and I. If any of those components didnt exist , neither would the video.