About ‘Milly’


Milly is a beautiful little classic caravan. Named Milly from the manufacturer’s name ‘Millard’.

I bought this little beauty for a few good reasons. The chassis is rust-proofed from new by having a galvanized frame, so this was like new. The frame for the walls is made from aluminum. This makes Milly lightweight, rust and rot free, totally. Many caravans, even today are constructed with a normal painted chassis and a wooden frame. Considering Milly is a 1975 , so 41 years old , she wouldn’t have lasted so well being built any other way.

This was Milly on the day I bought her, in fact this was taken outside the place I bought her. Milly was a steal at $1200. Clearly some work was needed, but I was excited by the challenge.

Milly is a pop-top style ‘van. This was really important when being towed by Charlie as the low roof really reduces the wind resistance and makes towing much more enjoyable, well, to be honest , it makes towing with Charlie actually possible. The caravan is 16 feet long in old talk, or about 5.3 meters in length. I had to have it weighted for registration in Queensland, the tare weight, which means unloaded, is 980kgs.

The extra height the caravan now sits at was great, however when hooked onto Charlie it sat pointed downhill and looked a bit stupid, I couldn’t alter the tow ball on Charlie [yes, my newly made spare wheel carrier was in the way, bugger] so I cut off the tow coupling from the caravan and fitted a second drawbar underneath, finally , a perfect fit. I’m pretty adamant that I want Charlie and Milly to both look good and be really functional too.

So far I’m really pleased. It’s totally and unbelievably satisfying to allow my creative side to go wild and have this caravan set up just the way I want. The inside refit  is yet to be completed, but it is very comfortable already.

The Charlie and Milly project is something I’m really loving. It’s totally me, had I gone out and bought a new [ish] car and caravan the feeling of satisfaction wouldn’t be the same.

I have built both of these vehicles myself and know every bolt, every rattle and feel the satisfaction of my efforts every time I get near either of them.

No amount of money or new things can replace that feeling, I think you will agree that the effort has been worth it so far.