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You're at the front door - so step inside. 

Naked AdventuresI’ve never been one to be easily labeled, or to fit well in a single pigeon hole. Those who know me would agree, no doubt in suitably colourful language. I love adventure, and the journey is my adventure. Often a destination is only chosen after choosing the path to it. 
The path, road , trail, sand dune or beach camp ground are all totally different adventures, different is a word I like. I like it a lot. Different adventure, in a different vehicle. Now we’re talking my speak. Often I’ve been told I’m crazy to consider an adventure that may be nothing more than a random thought. The words “that can’t be done” just confirmed the trip is going ahead. Nothing beats a challenge.
Naked Adventure is the home for these different adventures, in different vehicles. Chill out in the lounge, enjoy the conversation in the living room or maybe you prefer the heat of the kitchen. Like with any home Naked Adventures has rooms you can just hang out in, depending on what you like. I guess I should say this is also a “raw” travel or adventure site. Perhaps it’s not the word. Let me explain. I adapt and repair all my own vehicles, I make the camera mounts in a “grassroots” way. I grab a bit of pipe from the corner, chop it up, add a bolt here and their, tap my magic wand on the vehicle and hope like hell it doesn’t fall off. I’m definitely no expert but it works out okay…mostly. 
Writing on the blog, well, my English teacher at high school was surprised I could find her class as it required reading the word “English” on the door. So my style is.. umm. Raw, but I write with passion for what I like. Video recoding of the travel and editing the footage is most definitely part of the passion of the journey. It’s like that feeling you get when you happen to video that surfer popping out of the wave, or that crazy-cute puppy that bounded up to your kids and they all melted with a collective “awwwww”. You just want to share it with others. 

Naked Biker

Naked biker is like a personal challenge, it can be tough, but It’s the ethos of ‘Naked Adventures’.
Riding a 40 year old , Red Honda trail bike as far and long as it will go.

Naked Off Road

Naked Off Road is based around our two Land Rover four wheel drive vehicles.
One is a classic 1976 series 3. 
Many know it as a Land Rover Defender, it isn’t.

Naked Van Life

Naked Vanlife is practically the polar opposite. I mean, in our world.
It’s a small van. Not a huge motorhome with facilities and specifications that would rival an apartment block.

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